Operations Director

BAP Finance
  • Location
    Gulu, Uganda
  • Sector
    Non Profit
  • Experience
    Early Career / Mid Career
  • Apply by
  • Posted
    Mar 14

Position description

BAP Finance is recruiting an Operations Director to help oversee its operations and personnel, including the credit department, special project management, HR, and strategic planning.



LEGACY: The outcomes from your work in this role

  • You will lead a growing team of ten and expand BAP regionally.
  • You will work firsthand to impact thousands, and eventually millions, of smallholder farmers—breaking down the economic barriers to reach the financially excluded.

MASTERY: How this role will help you develop as a professional

  • You will be instrumental in creating company culture
  • You will become an expert in building systems and processes from scratch

FREEDOM: The tangible and intangible perks and benefits for this role

  • You will work for a company that invests in your vision. We provide professional development. And of course, health insurance.



Leadership; you will:

  • Work with BAP’s CEO to formulate strategic and budget plans on yearly and quarterly basis.
  • Oversee product and research development.
  • Improve operational processes and policies, such as building a system for client feedback or improving review of portfolio management.

Team Oversight, you will:

  • Work with Credit Manager to oversee the credit department
  • Serve as interim supervisor for 1-2 Marketing / Sales Officers to support staff in reaching targets

Management and Human Resources, you will:

  • Manage the 10 person team as a whole to ensure smooth operations
  • Oversee the recruiting and hiring of marketing, credit and support staff, as well as, refine processes to onboard, retain, and reward staff  

Logistics, you will:

  • Ensure efficiency and clear record keeping within supply chain
  • Build and maintain relationships with suppliers of BAP products



Business Savvy

  • You have at least five years of professional work experience, most likely in a finance or risk management position
  • You have a strong business acumen

Experienced team builder

  • You have worked on leading a team previously, ideally in growing the team
  • You set goals, communicate, and hold team members accountable

Passion-driven Doer

  • You fully embrace BAP's mission to reach the financially excluded.
  • You love fast paced environments. You catch a ball while it's falling.
  • You are comfortable making decisions 
  • You have experience in a multicultural setting with a global staff

Systems Designer

  • You take an idea and break it down into steps
  • You love Excel and spreadsheets
  • You use data to drive decision-making

An Ever-expanding Learner

  • You carry yourself with humility and are ready to dive deep into new knowledge.
  • You thrive off puzzles and see challenges as opportunities for growth
  • You are flexible and able to work on diverse teams



BAP Finance is a social enterprise that distributes lease-to-own bicycles in Northern Uganda. Bicycles connect rural farmers to markets, health clinics, clean water, and education. We work with customers who cannot easily access financial institutions, which is why we offer our bicycles on credit, paid back over time.

We are a social driven business. We’re committed to our impact and the customers we serve, but we see the need for business opportunities in community development.

To date we’ve disbursed close to 2,000 bicycle loans and are focused on another 1,500-2,000 in 2017. Simultaneously, throughout the next year we’ll be piloting other asset-financing products to introduce to our customers.

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