Foreign Affairs Officer

TRI-COR Industries, Inc
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    Washington, D.C.
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    Mid Career
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    Sep 14

Position description

TCI has a requirement to provide full-time professional service support to the Office of Afghanistan Affairs (SCA/A) that meets the following:

Job Responsibilities:

Policy Analysis and Development:

  • Subject matter expert within the Department on all elements of the Afghan insurgency, the Afghan government’s efforts to seek a political resolution of the conflict, Pakistan’s and other third country actions regarding Afghanistan and the broader regional conflict, and international efforts to provide security and stability in Afghanistan. His/her analysis is based on a wide variety of sources that include U.S. embassies/posts, the interagency, intelligence reporting, and foreign government consultations and serves to enable him/her to understand the current situation and its implications for U.S. interests.
  • Interprets the significance of events or developments to U.S. foreign policy aims, assessing them against a broad, but in-depth knowledge of Afghanistan, the Taliban, Pakistan, and the region that includes its history, culture, language, and current political and economic conditions, as well as a comprehensive understanding of the views and priorities of major Allies and regional third countries. S/he offers insight into Afghanistan security and governance issues and developments and third country engagement in Afghanistan and, when requested, provides analytical and advisory support for the planning, development and execution of U.S. foreign policy.
  • These offerings take the form of written and oral presentations to foreign policy decision makers and decision-making entities and include position papers, briefings, memoranda, talking points, and written Congressional testimony and associated background materials for use by Departmental offices. The incumbent clears analytical products with relevant Departmental and other organizations, modifying drafts as necessary and appropriate.

Policy Implementation:

  • Serves as the Bureau’s chief action officer and expert on Afghanistan for issues related to a political settlement of the Afghan conflict. S/he will represent the Department of State in meetings with analysts and action officers from the interagency and the National Security Council to develop information, obtain clarification of diverging viewpoints, and build consensus for a course of action acceptable to policy makers.
  • Ensures effective communication of U.S. policy developments and guidance to U.S. mission personnel and drafts, clears, and issues policy and procedure implementation guidance for use by embassies/posts, providing follow up problem solving assistance, guideline interpretations and consultations, as required. Manages policy and assistance program areas pertinent to the country or region and stays abreast of legislative, policy, and security developments affecting the U.S. government’s stance and reactions. 
  • Continuously evaluates and reports on the effectiveness of U.S. foreign policies; the security situation in Afghanistan; capacity in the Afghan security and political institutions to negotiate and implement a political settlement; the relationship between the U.S. government, the Afghan government, and third country governments; and other indicators of success in achieving U.S. aims in Afghanistan. As appropriate, the incumbent offers recommendations for adjustments in or abandonment of existing policies and programs that appear to be less than fully effective.

Representation and Advisory Services:

  • Provides informational and policy planning consultations and orientations to colleagues and management officials in the Department and the interagency arena. Advises on a broad variety of issues including those related to achieving a political settlement in Afghanistan, political trends, third country policies, among other issues, coordinating implementation of policy decisions and developing, as needed, background information, strategies and approaches for key questions.
  • Conducts overseas site visits, as needed, to collect information on problems and possible solutions in policy and program implementation. S/he serves as the primary point of contact on Afghanistan for diplomatic missions to the United States, relevant multilateral organizations (e.g. United Nations, NATO, European Union, OIC) and/or other sources, directing their inquiries to appropriate parties and facilitating their requests, as appropriate.
  • Participates in meetings with foreign governments and multilateral organizations, as needed, to contribute detailed technical and policy analyses and assessments of complex issues to decision makers.
  • Serves backup on Afghanistan counterterrorism and political issues. S/he performs other tasks authorized by the Government Task Manager that fall within the scope of this task order.

    General Knowledge

  • Must have mastery of the theories and principles of political science, international law, international relations, public diplomacy, economics, history or other related disciplines applied in analyzing and evaluating factors and conditions involved in the administration of U.S. foreign policy and programs in South and Central Asia as well as mastery knowledge of Department goals, objectives, programs, and relationships to provide expert analytical and advisory services that are responsive to the specialized needs of the organizations supported.
  • Must possess the ability to effectively initiate, plan, prioritize and carry out multiple assignments, meet tight deadlines, and work to manage a team under minimal supervision as well as the ability to think strategically and analyze possible consequences of policy recommendations within the broader context of the situation in Afghanistan.
  • Must possess the ability to present policy context and to provide advice, guidance and consultation to officials on issues of a highly nuanced nature as well as the ability to communicate effectively in writing and quickly draft coherent and persuasive briefings, reports, policy memoranda, and position papers with little to no editing.
  • Must possess the ability to communicate effectively orally to brief principals, participate in meetings, solicit information, provide advice and assistance, present and defend recommendations, reconcile conflicting views, and resolve complex issues as well as the ability to establish and maintain liaison with individuals at all levels throughout the interagency and from foreign governments to promote the sharing of information and to coordinate activities on Afghanistan issues of mutual interest.


Skills and Qualifications:

  • Must have, or be able to maintain, a Top-Secret security clearance. 
  • Must have detailed understanding of current U.S. foreign policy objectives, priorities and programs in Afghanistan and the broader South and Central Asia region, as well as the trajectory of the U.S. diplomatic, security, and military presence in Afghanistan.
  • Must have mastery knowledge of U.S. foreign affairs information sources, particularly from the intelligence community, to apply available information resources and capabilities to the analysis of foreign policy issues. S/he must maintain a robust network of contacts from the intelligence community and among non-governmental experts on the Taliban and the Afghan conflict.
  • Must have mastery knowledge of Afghan politics, history, culture and security trends as well as specific knowledge of terrorist and insurgent group networks and activity, particularly of the Afghan Taliban.
  • Must have mastery knowledge of international and regional organizations and third countries that are involved in the Afghan conflict, with particular attention to China, Iran, India, and Pakistan as well as knowledge of alternative dispute resolution, particularly the legal and strategic aspects of peace negotiations in international conflicts.
  • Must have mastery understanding of Afghan and Pakistani political and security institutions as well as an understanding of the relationships between Afghanistan and Pakistan.
  • Must have mastery knowledge of U.S. counterterrorism activities, policies, and priorities in Afghanistan and the broader South and Central Asia and/or Near East region as well as in depth knowledge of third country interests and equities in Afghanistan. S/he must maintain a robust network of contacts from diplomatic missions in Washington.
  • Must possess experience working in high level sensitive negotiations with foreign governments and insurgent groups as well as experience working in an interagency context.
  • Must have knowledge of security trends and issues in Afghanistan and the region.
  • Should have a basic familiarity with at least one of the official languages of Afghanistan.

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