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Position description

Position Summary

AIM is a global initiative working collaboratively to map neglected tropical disease (NTD) cases and morbidity and support Ministries of Health to develop evidence-based strategic plans for integrated case management of NTDs.  The Monitoring and Evaluation Manager will support AIM by overseeing AIM’s monitoring and evaluation (M&E) framework, ensuring accurate and timely reporting, and promoting learning and program improvement.  The Monitoring and Evaluation Manager will primarily support the M&E and reporting needs for the implementation of the Control and Elimination of Neglected Tropical Diseases (CEP-NTD) E1 USAID sub-award grant from FHI360 and COR-NTD award grants to ensure compliance with all M&E and reporting requirements for the duration of the grants.

Reporting Relationships

  • Reports to Program Director, AIM Initiative
  • Monitoring & Evaluation Manager will have one direct report, the Data Officer


Other Key Relationships


AIM-supported country Ministry of Health NTD program M&E officers,

FHI360 Monitoring and Evaluation Officer in charge of CEP-NTD E1 USAID in Ghana, Cote d’Ivoire, Senegal and Benin

AIM-supported country Ministry of Health research team in charge of COR-NTD approved grant by the Task Force of Global Health in Liberia and Ghana.

AIM-Supported country Ministry of Health implementing Integrated mapping and Morbidity Management and Disability Prevention program M&E officer.


AIM staff including Technical Advisor; Data, Monitoring and Evaluation Advisor; and the Project Officer


Essential Job Functions

Program reporting, monitoring & evaluation

  • Lead the development of log frames, performance management frameworks (PMF), theories of change and other tools to guide program monitoring and evaluation
  • Develop guidelines, templates and procedures for monitoring and reporting across partners
  • Contextualize AIM Initiative monitoring guidelines in a way that is actionable for the different national/regional offices, collaborating with local M&E officers in country as needed
  • Identify and establish indicators that reflect AIM Initiative strategy to be used as standardized indicators across operations and projects

Grant submission compliance and reporting

  • Ensure timely and accurate reporting of program activities per funder and partner requirements
  • Prepare reports and respond to stakeholder inquiries regarding program M&E
  • Support the design and set up of M&E plans for new funding proposals

Support analysis and learning from program data

  • Consolidate, critically analyze and report on program data to support internal learning and improvement
  • Advise on the implementation and management of flexible and simple recording and lesson sharing methods at national and regional levels to promote learning across programs
  • Work with the Data Officer to ensure data quality for all programs by conducting regular data audits
  • Share consolidated and analyzed information from programs with the Program Director and leadership team on a regular basis to show progress against strategy
  • Provide analysis of data for AIM’s quarterly reports and support the integration into a database or overall system
  • Collaborate with the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) and AIM team to support analysis and interpretation of GIS map and epidemiological data to be included in burden reports

Evaluation and program improvement

  • Collaborate with consultants or advisors contracted to support program impact evaluations
  • Provide recommendations to the Program Director and leadership team of actions and changes to program plans that may be required based on the evidence arising from monitoring and evaluation data
  • Provide input into AIM goal-setting process

Innovative technology & capacity building

  • Seek opportunities to collaborate on, develop and integrate innovative technology solutions for program M&E and implementation
  • Utilize technology to increase M&E efficiency and accuracy, building partner capacity for technology as needed
  • Provide guidance to AIM Initiative program staff and partners on setting up effective monitoring system
  • Organize internal and external training workshops, information sessions and seminars to build M&E capacity of program staff and partners on M&E best practices


To perform the job successfully, the employee should achieve or maintain acceptable productivity levels, quality levels and/or outcomes in the areas listed below:

  • Reports are compiled and submitted on time to meet the requirements of the of CEP-NTD E1 USAID sub-award grant from FHI360
  • Quarterly Progress Reports (QPR) are reviewed and analyzed each quarter
  • Log frames, PMFs, logic models, etc. are developed to guide program M&E
  • M&E templates, procedures and frameworks are developed and shared
  • M&E data is available in a consumable form for internal and external stakeholders to support learning and program improvement 
  • Other quarterly and annual set goals in discussion with the Program Director are achieved




To perform the job successfully, the employee should possess the following knowledge, skills, abilities and behaviors:

  • Collaboration – Able to build collaborative partnerships within the AIM team and with partners to accomplish results
  • Cross-Cultural Sensitivity – Knowledge and understanding of different cultures and backgrounds; modify communication behavior based on an understanding of cultural differences
  • Initiative – Without prompting, takes proactive steps to manage and/or improve all work tasks and operations. Is innovative, responsible and insightful.
  • Accuracy – Demonstrates precision and correctness in work.  Has the ability and desire to produce accurate work that is free of errors on a consistent basis.
  • Adaptability – Demonstrates ability to adjust to and thrive in a dynamic, strategic and results-driven organization. Is teachable, receptive and pliable.
  • Teamwork – Works cooperatively with co-workers, donors, end recipients, vendors, volunteers and others to achieve the organization’s mission, values and goals, showing favor, grace, compassion, cooperation, mercy and acceptance.
  • Analytical – Collects, analyzes and uses data to manage effectively and efficiently; synthesizes complex or diverse information.
  • Planning and Organizing – Plans and prioritizes work activities, uses time efficiently and develops realistic action plans; establishes and adheres to deadlines.


Required Minimum Education, Experience and Skills

  • Master’s degree in public health, statistics, epidemiology, international development or other related field. Minimum five years working experience in a position of monitoring and evaluation officer/manager is required for the position with proven competencies in the following areas:
  • Monitoring and evaluation of health systems and global health programs
  • Demonstrated knowledge of GIS (either ArcGIS or QGis software) and experience with epidemiological mapping
  • Knowledge of monitoring and evaluation theories, resources and best practices
  • Experience with multi-county project coordination with international organizations and Ministries of Health
  • Familiarity with various mobile survey collection tools (SurveyCTO, KoboToolbox, Open Data kit, etc.)
  • Experience reporting on USAID/DFID-funded projects
  • Proficiency in English

Preferred Education, Experience and Skills 

  • Post-graduate degree in public health, international development or a related field
  • Good understanding of neglected tropical diseases
  • Proficient in speaking and writing in French
  • Ability to utilize Epi Info, R, SPSS, or similar platform for analysis
  • Understanding of and experience with HMIS, DHIS2

Application instructions

To apply for the Monitoring and Evaluation Manager position, please send a cover letter and resume to [email protected].

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