Geo-political Analyst

International Affairs Review
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    Washington, D.C.
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    Mid Career / Advanced
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  • Posted
    Jun 07

Position description

Position Profile

To address the rising geo-political challenges in the Asia-Pacific region, we are looking for experienced experts/consultants with strength in the field to deliver insightful analysis in areas such as politics and economy. We are currently looking at to fill in our Remote Work vacancies.

Position Qualifications

Bachelor’s degree and above in, but not limited to, areas in international studies, political science, Asia-Pacific studies, country-specific studies

Proven career experience in relevant areas such as government, academia, think tank, finance, commerce, etc.

Excellent analytical and critical thinking skills

Highly organized and task-minded


Detailed Responsibilities

To deliver geopolitical analysis reports of the Asia-Pacific region

To analyze geopolitical issues relevant to client’s business master-planning and operation, and

To provide advisory event notifications to assist client’s decision-making and relevant strategic programs.

Application instructions

We provide competitive renumeration package to our analysts with basic salary and unlimited bonus.

Whilst applying, please attach a CV detailing career and education, as well as areas of strength.