Officer, NATO-EU Affairs

NATO Joint Force Command
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    Brussels, Belgium
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    Non Profit
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    Mid Career
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    Jan 10

Position description


In general, officers in the NATO and Multilateral Affairs Section are assigned responsibility for a portfolio of relations with NATO member States, a number of international organisations and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) (such as the European Union (EU), United nations (UN), Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), African Union (AU), Council of Europe, International Organisation for Migration (IOM), NATO Parliamentary Assembly (PA), International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), World Bank, etc.), as well as for specific functional domains, such as the Comprehensive Approach, the political aspects of the fight against terrorism, or the preparation of Foreign Ministerial and Summit meetings.

Within the Political Affairs and Security Policy Division (PASP), and under the general mentorship of the Head of the NATO and Multilateral Affairs Section, you will be responsible for work related to NATO political issues, more specifically, catering to NATO-EU relations, NATO’s relations with selected member States and functional issues pertaining to these areas of assignment. 

Within these major strands of work, your main functions will include: maintaining working relationship with her/his EU counterparts; staying well abreast of the current state of NATO-EU cooperation as well as relevant defence- and security-related developments within the EU itself; drafting a wide range of EU related documents and briefing material for the Secretary General, Deputy Secretary General, PASP management and other senior NATO officials; assisting in the drafting of reports and documents for NATO Committees related to NATO-EU relations; drafting documents for public use, including for the NATO Website; and representing the PASP Division within and outside NATO. You will liaise with representatives of all relevant EU bodies, national delegations, other NATO units, and, if necessary, NGOs. 



You will:

  • possess a university degree, preferably with an emphasis on political science or contemporary international relations or have equivalent relevant professional experience;

  • possess at least 4 years of relevant professional experience, preferably including contacts with the EU;

  • be familiar with the Alliance's as well as EU’s political and military consultative process and with the key issues involved;

  • have a clear understanding of, and experience in, major current international political and politico-military problems (including European security related issues), particularly as they relate to the Alliance and the EU;

  • have experience in briefing and public speaking;

  • possess the following minimum levels of NATO’s official languages (English/French): V (“Advanced”) in one; II (“Elementary”) in the other;

  • have the ability to draft quickly and concisely and to make presentations in at least one of the two official languages of the Organization;

  • be prepared to work outside normal office hours and to travel when required.


The following would be considered an advantage:

  • experience in governmental administration or multilateral service dealing directly with the EU

  • background in NATO-EU relations.


Expertise Development

Contribute to the preparation and/or coordination of frequent briefing packages on EU related issues for the Secretary General's and Deputy Secretary General’s meetings with political leaders of NATO countries, EU officials, other international actors, journalists and others at NATO Headquarters, EU institutions and during visits elsewhere. Contribute to the preparation of EU-related briefing memoranda, questions/answers, speaking notes and background materials within her/his area of responsibility. Coordinate substance and food for thought inputs from various stakeholders on issues of a political nature with regard to NATO-EU cooperation, internal EU developments, assigned NATO member States and NATO's institutional relationship with assigned non-governmental organisations.

Representation of the Organization

Make presentations to visitors to NATO, draft public information material for the media and larger audiences on NATO-EU and EU related issues, including for the NATO Website. Represent the Alliance at conferences, workshops and seminars. Attend, and assist NATO working groups and committees when dealing with NATO-EU or EU-related agenda. 

Policy Development

Assist in the drafting of NATO-EU and EU related documents for NATO Committees, in particular for the Council, the Deputies Committee and the Political and Partnerships Committee and follow the development of the issues. Contribute to policy development pertaining to areas of responsibility. 

Stakeholder Management

Develop a strong network of contacts within both NATO and EU, with capitals as well as with subject-matter experts in academic institutions to allow proper monitoring of political affairs and creating inputs for policy development in the assigned agenda. Lead institutional relationships between NATO and EU and actively address issues with the Section's management. In a coordinating role, reconcile sometimes diverging interests from different stakeholders to ensure NATO's objectives in areas of assignment are met. 

Information Management

Ensure coordination of input from various parts of the Organization, looking both at content and timeliness. 

Knowledge Management

Monitor political developments in both NATO and EU countries and in other countries of the Euro-Atlantic area. Staying ahead of regional developments outside Europe and in international organisations in general, (including UN, OSCE, AU, etc.) and monitor EU’s relationships with these organisations. Share knowledge on these within the Section, the Division, as well as with relevant stakeholders within NATO. 

Project Management

Contribute to the management of special undertakings within the Section, for example the preparation of activities leading up to a Summit.

Perform any other related duty as assigned.



You will report to the Head of the NATO and Multilateral Affairs Section. You will contribute to the coordination of the Section's work within the Division, with other Divisions of the International Staff, with the NATO Military Authorities and with national delegations and other International Organisations and will interact with representatives of these entities at various levels.


Direct reports: N/a

Indirect reports: N/a




The incumbent must demonstrate:

  •  Analytical Thinking: Makes complex plans or analyses;
  • Clarity and Accuracy: Checks own work;

  • Conceptual Thinking: Applies learned concepts;

  • Customer Service Orientation: Takes personal responsibility for correcting problems;

  • Impact and Influence: Takes multiple actions to persuade;

  • Initiative: Is decisive in a time-sensitive situation;

  • Organisational Awareness: Understands organisational climate and culture;

  • Teamwork: Solicits inputs and encourages others.



Contract to be offered to the successful applicant (if non-seconded): Definite duration contract of three years; possibility of renewal for up to three years, during which the incumbent may apply for conversion to an indefinite duration contract.

Contract clause applicable:

In accordance with the contract policy, this is a post in which turnover is desirable for political reasons in order to be able to accommodate the Organisation's need to carry out its tasks as mandated by the Nations in a changing environment, for example by maintaining the flexibility necessary to shape the Organisation's skills profile, and to ensure appropriate international diversity.


The maximum period of service foreseen in this post is 6 years. The successful applicant will be offered a 3-year definite duration contract, which may be renewed for a further period of up to 3 years. However, according to the procedure described in the contract policy the incumbent may apply for conversion to an indefinite contract during the period of renewal and no later than one year before the end of contract.


If the successful applicant is seconded from the national administration of one of NATO’s member States, a 3-year definite duration contract will be offered, which may be renewed for a further period of up to 3 years subject also to the agreement of the national authority concerned. The maximum period of service in the post as a seconded staff member is six years. 

Serving staff will be offered a contract in accordance with the NATO Civilian Personnel Regulations.



Irrespective of previous qualifications and experience, candidates for twin-graded posts will be appointed at the lower grade. Advancement to the higher grade is not automatic, and will not normally take place during the first three years of service in the post.

Under specific circumstances, serving staff members may be appointed directly to the higher grade, and a period of three years might be reduced by up to twenty four months for external candidates.  These circumstances are described in the IS directive on twin-graded posts.

Application instructions

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