Consultant to Support IFD Front Office on The Digital Agenda

Inter-American Development Bank
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    Jun 21

Position description

The Bank as the main source of multilateral financing and development knowledge in the region has the ability to advance the region towards a digital economy by among other things:

  • Leveraging its work with governments in the region to promote the emergence of digital solutions, public policy and regulation in many sectors like labor markets, financial services, health, education, ICT or government services.
  • Helping the private sector to harness the digital economy through an enabling environment and support the emergence of transformative and disruptive value chains and business models that integrate the region’s citizens. The Bank is currently focusing on adopting state-of-the-art technological tools and generating relevant knowledge that will transform the IDBG both internally improving efficiency leveraging data for strategic decisions and externally by fostering digitally enabled projects, products and services to the region.

In this context, the Institutions for Development Department (IFD) offers technical support to LAC countries’ institutions to embrace, adapt, use and take advantage of the digital economy to improve citizens’ lives, government effectiveness and public service delivery. IFD provides expertise on a variety of topics related to the digital economy, such as: digital identity, civil registry, open data, open government, e-government, cybersecurity, connectivity, fintech, digital fiscal management, etc. To better serve the clients, IFD has been working on gathering relevant knowledge on key emerging trends in the Digital Economy, sharing that knowledge with the Bank’s staff through internal events, hosting key voices that provide the newest technological insights and experiences and partnering with stakeholders (governments, academia, private sector) to enhance carry on joint initiatives. As a result, IFD teams are better prepared to assess new collaboration possibilities with member countries in this realm and leverage technological advances to improve the impact of its projects around the region.

The Team: This consultancy aims at strengthening IFD’s efforts to identify and carry on initiatives that leverage emerging technologies, partnerships and cutting-edge knowledge to enhance IFD’s work program and specific sector initiatives on Digital Economy, and to coordinate knowledge development and awareness regarding this topic.

What you’ll do: The consultant shall perform the following activities:

  • Provide input to IFD Office of the Manager on digital economy trends, cutting-edge technology and innovative knowledge that could enhance IFD the digital agenda.
  • Provide input to and work with the IFD Office of the Manager, the Bank’s Office of Outreach and Partnerships (ORP) and other Bank units to leverage opportunities to enhance IFD’s knowledge and work on the digital agenda.
  • Coordinate the creation and coordination of networks with IFD and, if necessary, Bank wide to promote the digital agenda and leverage learning and working opportunities to enhance IFD’s work in this topic.
  • Identify knowledge networks within the LAC region and beyond that could partner with IFD in its efforts to promote the digital agenda.
  • Coordinate the preparation of products based on data analysis exercises to effectively communicate the importance of data to portray critical issues regarding IFD working areas in the LAC region.
  • Develop and/or coordinate research on regulatory topics related to the digital economy, experts that could provide valuable knowledge to IFD, and best practices and their potential applications to the work developed by IFD in the region.
  • Coordinate the preparation of communication pieces to disseminate IFD’s digital agenda, main projects and results.
  • Coordinate the organization of digital literacy events (BBLs, seminar, workshops, meetings) for IFD personnel, stakeholders and IDB’s key stakeholders.
  • Proactively monitor the existing portfolio related to IFD digital agenda, conducting analysis and promoting actions to enhance coordination and synergy among divisions.
  • Support the implementation of specific projects aiming at enhancing regional cooperation and institutional linkages between Latin America and Caribbean countries and countries from other regions.


  • Reports on specific topics researched related to the development of the digital economy, its regulations, impact and opportunities.
  • Data visualization products related to the development of the digital economy in LAC.
  • Reports systematizing communication opportunities and activities to leverage partnerships to enhance the IFD digital agenda.
  • Events (workshops, seminar, conference, webinars) to disseminate technology trends, experiences on digital economy from LAC and other regions, cutting edge studies or initiatives relevant to the sector’s objectives.


  • Education:  Master’s degree in International Relations, Economics, Computer or Data Science, Public Administration, Political Science, Business or related fields.
  • Experience: A minimum of 10 years’ experience in public sector management, computer science, international development and/or institutional development. Demonstrated understanding of the technical and practical impact of good institutions in social and economic development; e-government or other digital tools and/or with the ITC industry, preferably in multicultural environments; or the equivalent combination of education and experience. Experience working with public agencies in LAC is a plus.
  • Languages: Fluent in Spanish and English. Knowledge of Portuguese and/or French is a plus.
  • Core Technical Competencies: Strong analytical skills with a track record of research and publication experience. Proven ability to project execution with timely and quality delivery of outputs. High-quality written and verbal communication and presentation skills. Strong interpersonal and teamwork skills. The ability to multi-task and have flexibility in work schedules is required.

Payment and Conditions: Compensation will be determined in accordance with Bank’s policies and procedures. The Bank, pursuant to applicable policies, may contribute toward travel and moving expenses. In addition, candidates must be citizens of an IDB member country.

Visa and Work Permit: The Bank, pursuant to applicable policies, may submit a visa request to the applicable immigration authorities; however, the granting of the visa is at the discretion of the immigration authorities. Notwithstanding, it is the responsibility of the candidate to obtain the necessary visa or work permits required by the authorities of the country(ies) in which the services will be rendered to the Bank. If a candidate cannot obtain a visa or work permit to render services to the Bank the contractual offer will be rescinded.

Consanguinity: Pursuant to applicable Bank policy, candidates with relatives (including the fourth degree of consanguinity and the second degree of affinity, including spouse) working for the IDB, IDB Invest, or MIF as staff members or Complementary Workforce contractuals, will not be eligible to provide services for the Bank.

Diversity: The Bank is committed to diversity and inclusion and to providing equal opportunities to all candidates. We embrace diversity on the basis of gender, age, education, national origin, ethnic origin, race, disability, sexual orientation, and religion. We encourage women, Afro-descendants and persons of indigenous origins to apply.

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