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    Barcelona, Spain
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    Non Profit
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    Early Career / Mid Career / Advanced
  • Posted
    Aug 08

Position description

Background and purpose

Understanding the media landscape is an important part of assessing the outreach strategies of non-governmental organizations, such as outreach strategies described in project proposals submitted to the Open Society Initiative for Europe (OSIFE). The portfolio "Opening up European Debates" would like to generate an evidence base to assess outreach strategies described in project proposals. The country level is a good parameter for collecting such evidence.

This call for a short-term consultant is to commission a study on the media landscape in Spain. The working title for the research project is: An overview of media channels' reach in Spain. Below are important aspects of what the research should cover. The consultant(s) should:
  • develop an inventory of media channels in Spain and the media channels' reach, as defined by the metrics in the "scope of work" section. These metrics serve as a guide and not a limitation of the scope of work.
  • demonstrate the interconnectivity of these media spaces, when possible. The research should look at the following issues in the media in particular to see which spaces host these conversations most.

Open Society

Far right, populism

Economic Situation

Democracy, Freedom

Foreign Policy


Crime, Terrorism, Security

Environment, Climate, Energy Issues




Health, Social Security, Pensions


Immigration, migration, refugees, asylum



  • clean and categorize data. Create visual diagrams to depict the relative audience size, relationship to topic coverage, audience characteristics (demography and attitudinal profile) when possible, and interconnectivity when the availability of information allows.
  • be familiar with this report that was published in 2017 by The Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University. The 2017 report might serve as inspiration for the methodology and visualizations for the consultant(s):
  • include an investigation of data that is available, such as from the Spanish General Media Survey, which is conducted by the Asociación para la Investigación de Medios de Comunicación and go beyond the data contained in this one survey.
  • deliver a report in Word and PDF files, including the data for all figures in separate files. The report should contain the analysis, depictions of key data in diagrams and figures and conclusions from the research.
  • include a few test cases scenarios in the report on approximately how far the maximum audience reach of a news piece an NGO produced would be if it is were carried via a number of media platform. The scenarios should demonstrate how shared or encapsulated the readership of the various media platforms are, and thus the limits for NGOs of targeting "like" media channels for outreach.
  • conclude with recommendations on which media-channel-mixes would provide allow for the largest maximum audience reach in Spain on the key topics listed above.

Scope of work

The researcher would be able to suggest the research methods and exact scope of data. In general this scope should cover the following.

The report should deliver insights into what the audience reach would be of an actor who is present in the main channels of Spanish media. It should also show how shared or encapsulated the readership of the various media platforms are.


I. A report the gives the reader an overview of media channels reach and audiences profiles in Spain. The report should describe its methodology clearly and append the dataset used for the analysis. The report should also include and executive summary and visual diagrams that depict the main takeaways of the analysis.

II. Availability for dissemination of the report to OSF and NGOs. Should dissemination OSF request specific dissemination of the report by the consultant(s), the travel costs thereof would be covered separately from this consultancy via the respective OSF entity making the request.

III. An OPED-style text delivered to OSIFE about the key findings of the report and why understanding the media landscape is important for NGOs to understand the media landscape in which they communicate.

Profile of the consultant

The consultant or a group of consultants should be familiar with the Spanish media landscape (traditional and online; mainstream and local/regional outlets), existing polls, and media research frameworks. The consultant should have experience in data analysis and should be able to use web analytics. Working knowledge of Spanish language (knowledge of other regional languages in Spain are a plus) and experience with Spanish civil society organizations are desirable. Preference will be given to candidates who are able to start as soon as possible, given that we plan to finalize this exercise in 2018.

Expressions of interest

Please submit a one-page proposal outlining the approach you would take, a suggested timeline and number of days, as well as your proposed daily rate (including VAT if applicable). For the selected candidate, we reserve a right to negotiate a daily rate commensurate with market rates and the experience of the consultant. The proposal should be accompanied by the CV(s) of the main consultant(s), as well as an example of relevant work. Please send this material by September 7, 2018 to Christal Morehouse, Senior Program Officer, at [email protected] The work is expected to start by 28th September 2018 and should be completed no later than January 7, 2019. For more information, please contact Christal Morehouse, at [email protected]

We are strengthened by the diversity of our colleagues across the Open Society Foundations. We welcome applications from people of all cultures, backgrounds, and experiences, and are committed to providing reasonable adjustments so that colleagues with disabilities are able to fulfill the essential functions of the job.
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