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Position description

The Project is now seeking a consultancy individual to work as team lead (with support from staff from UNDP RBLAC and Caricom IMPACS) to design a model Citizen Security Policy and for Priority Countries (St-Lucia, St-Kitts &Nevis and Guyana), support governments in drafting a National Citizen Security White Paper (Policy and Plan). These Policies and Plans will be a composite of existing strategies and policies where they exist and, in some case it will provide a new approach. It will also define a strategic path to follow to focus on strategies that are essential to improving citizen security and a core set of principles to guide decision making focused on the multiple aspects of citizen security; all supported by the tools and indicators developed under CariSECURE Project.

Duties and Responsibilities

Scope of work

The Consultancy will be required to undertake the following activities:


Prepare a Consultancy Work Plan describing the specific tasks to be conducted and methods to be used for each. It is suggested that the Consultancy be organized into four principal phases, specifically: (i) Information Gathering, (ii) Drafting of an Assessment of Existing Citizen Security Initiatives, (iii) Drafting of a model Citizen Security Plan and Policy, iv) Drafting Citizen Security White Paper for St-Lucia, St. Kitts & Nevis and Guyana.? The Work Plan should include a schedule of activities, indicating activity durations, dependencies and a critical path. The schedule should also indicate, for each task, consultancy personnel level of support, inputs required including human and information resources needed from Governments or other stakeholders to complete the task.

Information Gathering

  • Review existing planning and policy documents and programme descriptions;
  • Meetings and conference calls with CariSECURE team, UNDP RBLAC and Caricom IMPACS.

Assessment of Existing Citizen Security Initiatives

  • Prepare a Rapid Assessment of Citizen Security Initiatives based on:
    • Information gathered in Task #2 and #3 above;
    • Key informant interviews with Ministry of Home Affairs (Police), Ministry of Education, Youth, Heads of Police, Prison Departments, Family Court, relevant departments in the Ministry of Education, Secretary of National Security Council, and others.? Workshops with CariSECURE Task Force may be conducted instead of individual interviews.

Drafting of Model Citizen Security Plan and Policy

  • Based on the information gathered, design a draft Model City Security Plan and Policy. This document will be considered a methodological model to follow for the Caribbean countries;
  • For the countries requesting additional support on Citizen Security Plan and Policy (Suriname, Antigua, Grenada, St-Vincent, Barbados and Dominica), provide home based or Barbados based technical support.

For Priority Countries (St-Lucia, St. Kitts & Nevis and Guyana) draft Citizen Security White Papers

  • For St-Lucia, St. Kitts & Nevis and Guyana, draft for each three countries a Citizen Security White Paper (Plan and Policy). At a minimum, the Policies and Plans should include the following components:
    • Draft a Theory of Change starting with the identification of a set of national citizen security goals and the outcomes which are preconditions for the attainment of these desired goals. An Outcomes Framework will describe the precise logic through which the interventions in the plan will lead to the outcomes which are necessary for the attainment of the end goals.

Produce a set of coherent priority strategies and action lines that have the following minimum characteristics:

  • Commitment at the highest level: The commitment of decision makers at the highest level is key for it to be considered a public policy and national plan and for there to be effective leadership for its implementation;
  • Collaborative strategies: the plan must take be premised on collaborative strategies appropriate to dealing with complex, multifaced problems for which there are multiple approaches and many stakeholders amongst whom power is dispersed;
  • Results-based: It should establish results that are the expression of concrete and measurable changes, with clear goals and responsibilities over time;
  • Clear prioritization and gradual implementation: The order of priority and implementation of the results and actions must be established to ensure effective management and an intelligent sequence of actions;
  • Targeting specific populations to address their specific vulnerabilities. Citizen insecurity affects different groups in different ways so local strategies and services for particular neighbourhoods and sub-groups are needed;
  • Inclusiveness and co-responsibility: The plan should identify the roles and responsibilities of all stakeholders. It should not only include institutional actors but other stakeholders to generate the co-responsibility needed;
  • Political and social consensus: without political consensus and a social pact, the policy can remain on paper, without being implemented and without effective ownership;
  • 'State' policy: It should represent the expression of the commitment of the three branches of government. This distinguishes it from a government or party policy and increases the likelihood of sustainability;
  • Temporality: linked to the above, the plan and policy should ideally be established beyond a single term of government to ensure the sustainability of the efforts and vision in the medium and long term;
  • For St. Lucia, St. Kitts and Nevis and for Guyana, draft mechanisms for the coordination and monitoring of plan/policy implementation. The design of this mechanism should include the specific actors and their responsibilities, means of coordination and information sharing, and a process monitoring system.
  • Timetable for implementation of actions for St. Lucia, St. Kitts & Nevis and Guyana;
  • Budget indicating recommended expenditures for St. Lucia, St. Kitts & Nevis and Guyana;
  • Conduct a series of workshops and presentations for St. Lucia, St. Kitts & Nevis and Guyana;
  • Lead the preparation of a graphic-based information booklet for public dissemination for St-Lucia, St. Kitts & Nevis and Guyana on Citizen Security.

This Scope of Work attempts to define the actions and approaches required to draft practical and effective plans; however, if the Consultancy Team Lead, through its own experience and knowledge, has recommendations for amendments or additions, he’s encouraged to present these in their proposals, during the interview, and if contracted, during the process of preparing the deliverables hereunder.

The Consultant Team Lead will work in close collaboration with staff from RSS, CariSECURE and Caricom Impacs. Tasks and activities will be split between members of the team. The Consultant Team Lead will have to submit an expected level of support from the Citizen Security Team.


  • The Consultancy Lead must be able to demonstrate excellent written and verbal communication skills;
  • The Consultancy Lead must be able to demonstrate practicality, open-mindedness, and the creative and non-linear thinking that is needed to address complex problems;
  • Excellent writing skills.


  • The Consultancy lead should hold advanced degrees in fields related to national development and citizen security (e.g. development studies, economics, criminal justice, social planning, etc.) and should have at least 10 years of working experience in development planning.  In lieu of an advanced degree in the relevant fields, the Consultancy Lead may have Bachelor’s Degree and 15 years of relevant work experience;
  • The Consultancy Lead should have detailed and current knowledge of development and social issues in the Caribbean and be conversant with key social planning documents and development studies concerning the Caribbean;
  • The Consultancy Lead should have at least 5 years’ experience in workshop facilitation for high-level political and executive actors and in community consultations.

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