Journalism/Mass Communication/Media (with expertise in Arabic media)

Zayed University
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    Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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  • Experience
    Mid Career
  • Posted
    Feb 11

Position description

Zayed University, a premier university in the United Arab Emirates, isaninnovative institution based on an international model ofhighereducation. With approximately 550 full-time facultyservingapproximately 9500 undergraduate and 500 graduate students onitscampuses in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, the University prepares graduatestobecome leaders in government, business, civil society, and familylife.The University expects its graduates to be competent in EnglishandArabic, proficient in the use of computing technology, and stronginquantitative and research skills.
English is the primary language of instruction and administration.

Zayed University is fully accredited in the UAE and by the MiddleStatesCommission on Higher Education in the US.
The United Arab Emirates is a progressive country known for itshighstandard of living, its tolerance of other cultures and societies,itssafety and family-friendly environment.

The Department/College: 
The College of Humanities and Social Sciences is comprised ofthreedepartments – the Department of Social Sciences, theDepartment ofArabic Language, and the Department of Islamic WorldStudies –that contribute to the University‘s generaleducation program aswell  as the College’s undergraduate andgraduate programsthat include:  BA International Studies; BAEmirati Studies; MADiplomacy and International Affairs; MA JudicialStudies; and ExecutiveMasters in Public Administration.  TheDepartment of ArabicLanguage, in particular, serves the needs of ZUstudents through theteaching of Modern Standard Arabic for native andnon-native students sothey can become fully competent in using Arabic inacademic andprofessional settings. The Department also offers a minor inArabic for Media.

The Opportunity: 
The College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHSS) is seeking full time faculty who will be able to teach in its general education curriculum,and support the Arabic language needs of other programsacross theUniversity. The main responsibilities include teaching Arabicmediacourses in the minor as well as professional writing in Arabic for academic or professional purposes.


A Ph.D. in Journalism/Mass Communication/Media, with researchexpertiseand/or experience in Arabic media is required, as well as:priorCollege/University teaching experience; evidence of teachingandresearch excellence; use of technology; and demonstrated commitmenttoworking with faculty teams in multi-section courses. Fluency inEnglishis compulsory. Familiarity, and prior experience with, the USmodel ofgeneral education is desirable.

The Benefits: 
The University’s benefits package is highly attractive, withcompetitive salaries, housing ,furniture allowance, annual vacationairline tickets for the employeeand immediate family, educationalsubsidies for children and subsidized healthcare provided to theemployee and sponsored family members.

Application instructions

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