The Middle East institute
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    Washington, D.C.
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    Non Profit
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    Jul 09

Position description

MEI President Responsibilities: The MEI President functions as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Institute and is appointed by and responsible to the Board of Governors. The President supervises the Vice Presidents in charge of the three centers, as well as the administrative support staff, including the CFO and the Director of Development.

The MEI President is the primary public face of the Institute, leads the development and implementation of the Strategic Plan, is the creative force behind the Institute, and is the lead MEI official in soliciting and allocating funding.

The MEI President is responsible for maintaining a civil culture at the Institute respectful of human rights and dignity, civil rights, diversity, openness, and academic freedom.


Candidates for the position of President of MEI should be American citizens, with extensive experience with the Middle East region, and demonstrated management capability running governmental or academic organizations or NGOs. They should be skilled at public presentation, briefing senior officials, soliciting donors, and managing teams. Fluency in a Middle Eastern language is desirable.

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