non-resident researchers_International scholars and researchers in international studies.(especially in the Asia-Pacific region)

Korea East Asia Research Institute
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Position description

The [Korea East Asia Research Institute] is a private research institute established in 2011 in Seoul, South Korea.

Based on the international strategic community of South Korea, the Institute is committed to conducting in-depth research on international studies, especially in the Asia-Pacific region. The Institute has carried out extensive academic cooperation and exchange of views on regional hot issues of common concern. Due to the business development, we are here to ground our mission and to recruit international scholars and researchers in related fields. Specific requirements are as follows:


Job Summary and Description:

1. Write commentary articles on regional focal issues;

2. Participate in the online dialogues and seminars organized by the institute, and provide professional opinions and in-depth views;

3. Assist in organizing international researchers to participate in relevant research and discussions of the Institute;

4. Part-time job opportunities, non-resident researchers.




The basic quality requirements of job-seekers:

1. Have work experience and research experience in related fields such as international politics and geopolitics; or have relevant media work experience and policy consulting work experience in related fields;

2. Have working experience in writing review articles and in-depth research reports, with deep professional knowledge accumulation and extensive social networking resources;

3. Have strong international social activities, and be able to actively participate in and organize the relevant activities required by the Institute.



Application instructions

Salary and treatment:

On one-task-one-pay basis, the remuneration ranges from $300 to $1,500. If there are special contributions to the research project, we will give special rewards and special treatment.